The Papered Table
Policies: We love each and everyone of our customers and promise to send your goodies out as quickly as possible. Since most of our products are food and drink related, we are unable to exchange, take back or refund you for products. If there is a problem with an order arriving we will do our best to help find your package
Shipping: All of our products are shipped through U.P.S. and US PRIORITY MAIL. We are speedy shippers...:) Items that are in stock will be shipped the next business day after receiving your order. If for some reason there is a delay, we will notify you through email.
Please be sure to include your full name and detailed shipping information when making your purchase.
EXPRESS SHIPPING: We offer express shipping via UPS for 2ND Day and Next Day arrival. If you need a package expressed to you, just place your order, then email or call us with your request. We will take care of the extra shipping cost on our end.
Please Note: We have no way of knowing what your extras shipping will be until your order is placed and it's packed and ready to ship. If you need to approve that amount, you must let us know that in advance, and we will contact you with that information. However, you MUST be by your phone or email for approval. If you cannont be reached, your order will not be shipped. If you DO NOT need to approve your express shipping charges, you must let us know by putting it in your email message when requesting express shipping.